There are hundreds of different success stories. It is our belief that the longer you remain in your home the greater the chance of reaching of satisfactory solution with the lender. Our goal is to do whatever it legally takes to keep our clients in their homes. During this time we will do whatever it takes to have our homeowner client reach a solution with their lender that is satisfactory to them.

My husband and I were referred by a friend to Dennis G. Knipp. We had a business fail, and had borrowed against our home for the business and incurred extensive credit card debt. We met with Mr. Knipp and he answered our questions and outlined a strategy to resolve our problems. He helped us eliminate our debt and save our home from foreclosure. He was professional at all times and kept us informed as to what was taking place. We are now in a much better position having been able to keep our home and move forward with our lives. Bankruptcy and foreclosure defense clients – Mr. & Mrs. A

I came to Dennis G. Knipp when my home went into foreclosure. He was very honest and answered all of my questions. While his client, I lost my husband and several times lost my income when I was laid off or lost my job, which caused my Chapter 13 cases to fail. Dennis Knipp continued to represent me for over 16 years. I received a Chapter 13 discharge and have retained my home through his efforts. I could not have saved my home without his counsel and persistence. Chapter 13 and foreclosure defense client – EWS.

Dennis G. Knipp met with me when I went into foreclosure. I had been referred to him by my family attorney. I needed time to sell a farm which I owned. My home loan went into foreclosure when I lost my job. Dennis represented me in the foreclosure case until I was able to sell my farm and raise the money to reinstate my home loan. He was courteous and professional. He explained the process and kept me informed as to the progress of the case. Foreclosure defense client – JH

I met with Dennis Knipp when my home went into foreclosure. I was referred to him by one of his previous clients. He was very pleasant and answered all of my questions. During his representation he advised me as to the status of my case. His consultation allowed me to determine my best options for saving my home. After several years of representation in the foreclosure case, we were able to negotiate a modification that deferred a considerable amount of the principal and set up payments I could afford. There were problems with my lender even after the modification was agreed to. Dennis was able to resolve these problems by going back into court. He is very professional, and I would recommend his services to anyone having problems with their homes. Foreclosure defense client – RK

After my experience with being represented by Dennis, I would recommend him to anyone having problems with their homes. Foreclosure defense client –PT

I have been treated with respect since retaining Dennis G. Knipp. He has always made himself available to speak or meet with me and instills confidence with every contact. I am constantly updated on the status of my case. Foreclosure defense client – RS

Best telephone call ever! I received many letters from attorneys when my house went into foreclosure. I called Dennis because his advertising letter gave the most information and answered questions bothering me. When I spoke to him on the telephone he gave me more time than anyone I had spoken with before. He answered all my questions and then after asking me what I wanted to have happen; set forth a strategy to accomplish my goals. He was very straight forward as to what could and could not be accomplished. He explained his legal fees, and I was shocked as to how reasonable and affordable they were. I have retained him and recommend his services to anyone having problems with their home. Foreclosure defense client – ML

I was referred to Dennis by my real estate broker when I was attempting to sell my home when it went into foreclosure in 2007. My wife and I met with Dennis and he promised that based upon our potential defenses that we could stay in the home for at least two years. That was seven years ago. I am still in my home in 2015 and am still his client. His advanced payment retainer has saved our life and made our defense affordable. He has done a spectacular job. Foreclosure defense client – JG.

I am a real estate broker. I could not make my mortgage payments when the real estate market crashed in 2008. I met with a bankruptcy attorney, and he referred me to Dennis for foreclosure defense. Dennis was very professional and kind. He really cares about his clients and listens to their needs. He has kept me in my home for over five years. His fees are far less than what I was paying on my mortgage and much less than I would have to pay for rent if I left my house. Things are getting better and I owe the fact that I am still in my home to Dennis. I recommend that anyone having financial problems with their home speak with him. Foreclosure defense client – LC

I called Dennis when I received his advertising letter. He was very patient and asked many questions. These questions enabled him to better understand my current financial situation. He also explained to me the status of my foreclosure. He informed of what I should and should not do. He explained why and did not just tell me what to do without an explanation like so many other attorneys I had spoken to. I retained him because his legal advice made sense. He has done a great job for me. My sister went into foreclosure shortly after I retained Dennis. I recommended that she speak with him and he currently represents her. We are both very happy with his legal services. He has kept us in our homes. Client foreclosure defense – MP